WELCOME to the 2019 judges!


Marcel Anderson

A native of Spartanburg, South Carolina, Marcel Anderson graduated
from Dorman High School in 2003. He went on to receive his Bachelor of
Arts Degree in Psychology from Saint Augustine University in Raleigh, North Carolina and received his ministerial license from St. Luke Ministerial Training. In 2011, Marcel became the founder and CEO of Accelerating Men Inc., a nonprofit community faith-based organization that mentors young men ages 10-18. Through a real
life home invasion incident, Marcel brings more than just writing
experience about being a victim and now a survivor of Sexual Assault. Marcel is also a National Speaker for RAINN and 1in6. His book called Still Living: A
Victimized Man’s journey has listed #2 on Amazon Kindle download top
100 best sellers list under Men’s Developmental Growth and has also
listed #95 on Amazon top 100 under Counseling Recovery.  Marcel
Anderson has also released his debut album called Still Living in


Michelle Lee 400px.jpg

Michelle Lee

Starting in the mid 90’s, Michelle Lee has been a part of the upstate of SCs burgeoning and influential Music scene. She has played live as a solid drummer who not only likes to be heard but also has an innate sensibility and appreciation for well-crafted songs. Having played in such bands as Ten Ten Wish, Kinky Lee, The Turnaround, The Edmonds, Pharma Sutra, Marc Higgins Band and presently, Marc Higgins and the Chainsaw Bears, Michelle has been a fixture in the Upstate music community for over 25 years. Michelle is as influential as she is influenced by the local and regional sounds harnessed in this rich musical region for which so much history comes and continues to be made.

Reggie Rocc 400px.jpg

Reggie Rocc

Reginald “Reggie Rocc”Jones was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC. His love for music inspired him to enter into the world of gospel music in 2013. Later, this love and passion also led him to create his ministry called “Rocc Bottom”. Rocc Bottom is an inspirational clothing and music based brand that aims to inspire people of all colors. Along with his wife Wendy, who also holds the title of booking manager, Reggie travels spreading the gospel through his inspirational music. Reggie is also a Stellar Nominated Gospel Rapper on Youth Choir Pure N Heart! His Latest album entitled "Project Love Letter" is Available on ITunes, Google Play, Spotify and more. For more info connect with Reggie Rocc on his official site:



Mara Jennings

Mara Jennings has won various competitions as both singer and songwriter. She is a student and employee at McDaniel Music Studios in Shelby, NC where she assists the studio and students in their various lessons. 

More recently, Mara earned a first round golden ticket for American Idol in Charleston, SC in 2018. She also won the 1BlueStringHubCity singer/songwriter competition in Spartanburg SC (2017). She placed third in Smiley’s Acoustic Café Open Mic Competition in May 2013 and was a winner at Walt Disney World’s American Idol Experience in October of 2012. Mara’s primary focus remains on songwriting.